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Casual Swivel Tilt Rolling Caster Dining Arm Chair, Set of 2

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Bring a combination of stylish and functional pieces of furniture to your home with the Caster Chair Company Collection. These pieces are crafted from the finest materials available including heavy gauge steel, powder coat finishes, solid wood and durable molded foam.Features:-Wood finish : oak-Seat cover : 100% polyester fabric-Heavy gauge steel means a better performing and longer lasting product-Exclusive high resiliency foam is custom molded to each chair-5-ply marine plywood ensures the highest level of performance-High strength bolts attach to t-nuts rather than screws like many other brands-Commercial grade swivel tilt mechanism allows freedom of adjustment for all users-Self-lubricating nylon bushings provide years of free flowing and low maintenance service-Dual wheel nylon casters provide 8 contact points rather than 4, therefore reducing friction

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