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The Lutyens Teak Chair was designed after the famous Lutyens Bench, which was originally created by Sir Edwin Lutyens in the early 1900's, who is often referred as the greatest British architect ever. The Lutyens Bench today sits in the world famous Gardens at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent, England. Our Lutyens chair design is true to the original bench with the curved arms, distinctive arching back, and clean simple lines of the seat. Some assembly required.Quality Teak Dining Chairs made to last a lifetime! * All grade A heirloom quality teak, harvested after 45-50 years from sustainable teak plantations. Only the hearts of the trees are used in grade a teak furniture. * Superior craftsmanship with machine-made mortise and tendon joints that provides maximum dependability along with marine grade stainless steel hardware. * Finally, our teak is kiln-dried before construction to an optima moisture content of 8-12%. Not sun-dried or air-dried. This allows for the furniture to dry to the core and reduces cracking, splitting, and warping for decades.

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